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Verfasst: 28. Mai 2019, 20:19
von ctearney
with the new 19.0 UEM agent there is an option suppress the pre-login status window. Does this replace the old trick of replaceing the EIRSLOGONUI.exe file?


Verfasst: 17. Jun 2019, 23:01
von ctearney
I made the setting adjustment in the Agent configuration for "Show Pre-Logon Information" by deselecting the option but every system with the new 1903.1 release sees the new pre-login window which explains not it is preferred not to login during installations. In the past you could hide this window by replacing the EXE which ran with one which was basically NULL which kept the window from ever appearing. Apparently this trick no longer works as we still see the pre-login message. Any one have the same experience?

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