The MPR now with ONLINE update!

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The MPR now with ONLINE update!

Beitrag von Theo_Gottwald » 03. Sep 2020, 07:39

Yes it is right. The MPR has got a new ONLINE-UPDATE-button in the editor (right side).

This button means that you no longer have to reinstall the entire setup with every update!
Actually, thanks to this button, you only have to install this setup once.

If you click this button, the message appears that the editor must now be closed.
This is necessary because "running programs" cannot be updated.

There is one exception.
The "MPR_Update.exe" has built in the "goes anyway" gene.

The actual update program can therefore "update" itself - while it is running. This also makes sense, because who else could "update" it.

Back to the "update button". It houses two functions:

1. "Verify"

Is your MPR with all files original?
First you can check whether the current installation with all files is up to date or is "original".
This way you can be sure that the MPR you are using is in perfect shape.
At this time, no file will be changed or written.
However, you get a list of changes that the update program would like to do.

2. Now you can click on "Update".

If you click on "Update", all MPR files that are not up to date will be downloaded and installed.
Thereafter you have the latest MPR on the system, without "reinstalling after each update".

We have tested the system with "old MPRs" back to 2013, even these are "updated" accordingly and become like new.
So it works with every MPR version that can possibly be out there.

Due to the design of the update system, installations of the MPR on servers can also be easily updated.
However, there must be internet access.

You can simply take the "MPR_Update.exe" (it is in the tools directory).
Copy it to a PC with an old MPR, start it there (directly from the desktop?) and the MPR will be updated.
The "Update.exe" itself does not need any DLL's and has no dependencies.

There is also a limitation. The MPR must already be installed on the system.
The tool does not install the MPR on a "EMPTY"-System.

In detail, the update program is very thorough.
- It can update itself
- It checks the digital certificates of all downloaded files for validity
- All files are encrypted several times and are only extracted on the target system.
- All changes and newly written files are logged in a text window.
So you always know "what's going on". In the "worst case" you can see which files (why and by whatever) were changed ("Verify").
- all downloaded information is stored in "text files"
And so only "text files" are downloaded from the Internet during the update. This should make the update compatible with many security solutions and firewalls.

Here is the link to the latest MPR:
MPR-Update September 2020


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