Package sync template to sync just one folder

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Package sync template to sync just one folder

Beitrag von framed » 25. Nov 2015, 09:56

Dear sirs/madams,

Here I find myself in trouble again. This time we created a package that is quite frankly enormous (35GB) and as you may imagine, we only want it to be synced to one depot server and especially not to any remote server over a 1,5 mbit wan link.
Now we could make a separate template for that single server, but we think it may be best to have a template to only sync this package, so we can assign it to other servers in the future.

Problem is not the excluting the single folder on all existing templates, that is already done. The problem is excluding everything else and just having the single folder to sync. Is there an easier way than just doing an exclude on %SYNC_SRC%\A* %SYNC_SRC%\b* %SYNC_SRC%\c* etc. ?

Alternatively we could specify a robocopy as an init command, but will we still have an overview then?

Thanks for the help!

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Re: Package sync template to sync just one folder

Beitrag von Hendrik_Ambrosius » 26. Nov 2015, 17:44

It´s probably best to create a separate sync template for this package with a robocopy or xcopy command - as suggested by you.
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