UEFI & Lenovo P51 & EPE 454

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UEFI & Lenovo P51 & EPE 454

Beitrag von ctearney » 29. Jul 2017, 00:38

We started receiving the Lenovo P51 laptops in and according to what I have read on the Lenovo forums the devices have a problem booting to Legacy devices (I.e. set bios to Legacy boot vs UEFI). I have seen this in the past with other devices but I have been able to toggle between UEFI & Legacy mode to get into the EPE, load windows, and then back again for standard booting but the P51 doesn't like this.

We had been using EPE 4.4.1 which has been working well but if I try to boot from PXE under a UEFI bios setting I always get a "PXE-E18: Server response timeout". This happens with most model, so with the P51 issue I decided to try 4.5.4. To load 4.5.4 I tried the new Boot Configuration option that was added in the 16.1.3 console but it fails to build the PXE image but that is another topic. So I loaded it the old way of using powershell to inject it into an existing boot configuration and also created an EPE 454 USB key to test with. Here is what I am finding:

- Booting from the USB EPE 454 drive to image on the P51 works well under UEFI mode. Unfortunately the PXESpy file changed under UEFI mode so I had to create two P51 hardware profiles.

- Trying to PXEboot under UEFI I get the same "PXE-E18: Server response timeout" error.

- Using another device (Lenovo T570) with the bios set to Legacy boot mode I get the following error "M42 failure Reboot Handler" "Service 'eis32-osinst' failed".

Because of the last item (service 'eis32-osinst failed') error I have reverted back to EPE4.4.1 but now I am trying to understand the issue with booting with UEFI mode enabled and the timeout error. With UEFI enabled is there a requirement to set additional Kernel Parameters to avoid the timeout via PXE?

I attached pictures of the errors mentioned above in hopes someone has seen this before and possibly save me some time troubleshooting this.
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Re: UEFI & Lenovo P51 & EPE 454

Beitrag von Taz » 26. Apr 2019, 09:55

Have anyone an answer for the request?
We have the same problem with our depot server....

it would be great if we have an solution for this issue.

kind regards,

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Re: UEFI & Lenovo P51 & EPE 454

Beitrag von MaMa82 » 10. Mai 2019, 07:48


Did You ever try to use the WinPE based OS installation?
Just to mention, because EPE will be discontinued (for Windows OS installations). :wink:
Also WinPE performs much better/faster. :wink:
Grüße MaMa82

PS: EDV steht nicht für "Elektronische Datenverarbeitung", sondern vielmehr für "ENDE DER VERNUNFT"! :roll:


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