Self-Provisioning Images

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Self-Provisioning Images

Beitrag von ctearney » 05. Okt 2016, 18:39

I am setting up a new OS installer instance with Windows 7 and Windows 10 as the OS's. I have gotten to the point where I am beginning to test the installation thru a self-provisioned system but it has been slow going. First was an issue with the WinPE versions, even though I had imported the 8.1 and 10 ADK WinPEs Empirum still wanted the old 3.x version (see below error for reference)

05.10.2016 11:18:33 [Eis32] ERROR: No suitable WinPE found! Check if correct WinPE x64 3.x is imported.

Once I imported WinPE 3.0 the Preinstallation environment completes but now upon restart and initial load into the WinPE environment I get a WDSUTIL.DLL error. I remember seeing this before under v14 and it had to do with the NIC in particular devices. The 7240 series is the model I had the issue with in V14 and is the same model I am have the issue with in V16. Using another model, Dell 6440, I am able to complete the OS installation. Does anyone know if Matrix plans on addressing the issue with the Intel LM-218m NIC with WinPE 3.x? I have not gotten to trying a Windows 10 build yet but am wondering if the same issue occurs there as well?


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