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Empirum-Server can't mount

Verfasst: 10. Sep 2018, 13:40
von rediablo81

We have a very weird problem here . We installed over 100 machine from scratch and after one month later I retry to install a new machine but I got an error " Empirum-Server can't mount"

I attached image of error. Could you please help me for this issue.

Re: Empirum-Server can't mount

Verfasst: 11. Sep 2018, 07:12
von MaMa82
Good Morning!

Is the error message shown during the EPE phase?

You should check the account's status connecting to the share. Sometimes the account is locked or the password expired.
Another possible reason - windows updates changing the requirements for securely connecting to shares (SMB).
Maybe the Windows firewall or another security application, like an AntiVirus-Scanner, is blocking the connection.

(Btw, did You try to reboot the Empirum Server?)

Re: Empirum-Server can't mount

Verfasst: 12. Sep 2018, 10:21
von rediablo81
I uploaded a video and share with you .As you can see error shown during EPE phase