Set package installation order?

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Set package installation order?

Beitrag von ricardoduarte » 01. Sep 2017, 20:44

Hi there,

I have multiple assignments inside a Assignment Group, but would like that a particular program installs after all the others.
This is because this program requires reboot but all others don't, and I would prefer to have everything installed after the reboot is requested.
Any idea how can I do it, without using dependencies on the package itself?


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Re: Set package installation order?

Beitrag von ctearney » 01. Sep 2017, 22:02

The install order, if I recall correctly, is determined by the order of the software as it is shown in the Configuration>Software Management>Depot view (in the EMC). When you insert a package into a "register" it appears at the bottom of that list of apps. Press ctrl+arrow key up to move the app up the list.

If you have a particular app that you want to have priority in an install order then put it at the top of your list.

In the screenshot I attached as an example I have a package called PowerCFG at the top, if it is in a configuration group will all those other packages it should install first. Let me know if this if this works for you.


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