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von pberlinski
06. Jul 2011, 14:51
Forum: Licence Management
Thema: Automatic software product assignment
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Automatic software product assignment

Hi, I recently imported a large amount of license data acquired from company invoices (by Excel sheet). Every license is imported correctly, but they are invalid because there are no software product and licensing model associated with them. Do the LIS can automatically assign proper software produc...
von pberlinski
06. Jul 2011, 14:12
Forum: Asset Management
Thema: Assets isolation
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Zugriffe: 2332

Assets isolation

Hi, I have one question regarding Matrix42 Service Center. Let's suppose I have created two locations (two departments) of my company: Department A and Department B. I created a user which is assigned to department B. On the other hand I created several assets and I changed its ownership to appropri...

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