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von mlillywh
11. Okt 2013, 16:08
Forum: Lizenzmanagement
Thema: AutoDesk / AutoCAD
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AutoDesk / AutoCAD

Hat einer von euch erfahrungeng mit Autodesk / AutoCad audit

Die fragen fur den serialnummer und wie Autocad war installiert - Server oder Client Alleine

Gibt es top-tips fur Autodesk?


von mlillywh
12. Jul 2013, 18:13
Forum: Service Desk
Thema: Changing US English to UK English - Solving date time issues
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Zugriffe: 2042

Changing US English to UK English - Solving date time issues

some of you may have figured that the Servicedesk, Contract related dates are set to US format by default. If you want to add UK to the options (to stop the 5/7 or 7/5 confusion) use the following xml file on your Workplace Management (WPM AKA Store) server to add UK as a language option. Default cu...
von mlillywh
12. Jul 2013, 18:01
Forum: Personal Backup
Thema: Personal Backup - Standalone
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Personal Backup - Standalone

So I wanted to use Personal Backup for unmanaged use The trick is to start the Personal Backup exe pointing at a custom PBU file, rather than the default one C:\Windows\System32\Empirum\PBackup.exe "C:\Program Files\Personal Backup\Install\DDrive.pbu" Where DDrive.pbu is a standard pbu file modified...

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