Assets isolation

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Assets isolation

Beitrag von pberlinski » 06. Jul 2011, 14:12


I have one question regarding Matrix42 Service Center. Let's suppose I have created two locations (two departments) of my company: Department A and Department B.

I created a user which is assigned to department B. On the other hand I created several assets and I changed its ownership to appropriate departments.

Is it possible to setup permissions for user X from department B to see only assets from department B (without objects from department A).

I was trying several configurations and none of them worked for me :cry:


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Re: Assets isolation

Beitrag von Sven_Puth » 23. Feb 2012, 11:12


In the permissions dialog of the role management there are filter options in the lower part to set those restrictions only for specific organisation units or locations.

So for example you could create a role like 'Asset Management - Department B', set read/write permissions on the asset types you wish to be visible, uncheck All [No Restriction] in the OrgUnit box and add Department B.

Be aware that other roles of that user might still give unfiltered (OrgUnit: All [No Restriction]) permissions.
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