new computer type = Workstation

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new computer type = Workstation

Beitrag von aedwards » 30. Apr 2013, 11:31

we have the new matrix42 service store up and running.
We want to add new assets - Workstations.
Howerver when we choose they Configuration element >Computer< there is not Type Workstation:
There are Dekstop, Notbook, Server etc.
How can I extend the list with the entry >Workstation<?

Thanks in advance.

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Re: new computer type = Workstation

Beitrag von tbesse » 09. Jul 2013, 13:20


For assets you have to assign the asset categrory (in this case: computer) as well as the type (e.g. Workstation).

A customer may add additional entries to the picklist very easily:

- go to Administration -> Date Definitions
- filter for something like asset; you will find two definitions in the result list good for groups and types
- open "asset category" to add a new category (like furniture, tools or anything you like)
- open "asset type" to add new types to existing categories (Data tabulator); be sure to select the corresponding category ID, which is 1 for computers

BTW, if you add new items, as a customer you are only entitled to use ID's starting from 20,000.
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