Automatic software product assignment

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Automatic software product assignment

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I recently imported a large amount of license data acquired from company invoices (by Excel sheet). Every license is imported correctly, but they are invalid because there are no software product and licensing model associated with them.

Do the LIS can automatically assign proper software product to selected license or do I have to do it manually row-by-row. I know that LIS is able to do that regarding software fingerprints but is it possible to do the same thing with license inventory :?:


Torsten Boch
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Re: Automatic software product assignment

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Yes, LIS can do that. Please provide a list with manufacturer's part number (SKU) and a comprehensible description for each license by mail to Use descriptive subject for your mail (e.g. "Missing SKU in LIS Catalog") to make sure that ticket can be easily forwarded to LIS Team.

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