Changing US English to UK English - Solving date time issues

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Changing US English to UK English - Solving date time issues

Beitrag von mlillywh » 12. Jul 2013, 18:13

some of you may have figured that the Servicedesk, Contract related dates are set to US format by default.

If you want to add UK to the options (to stop the 5/7 or 7/5 confusion) use the following xml file on your Workplace Management (WPM AKA Store) server to add UK as a language option.

Default culture settings are based on selected Language in console. By default English language is mapped to en-US culture (means English - United States). It’s possible to change culture settings. The following example shows how to change en-US culture to en-GB.

- Open <Root>\bin\Languages.xml file in any text editor. It looks like the following

Code: Alles auswählen

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8" ?>
       <Language Name="Deutsch" CultureSymbol="de" CultureSpecificSymbol="de-DE" FlagImagePath="/SPS/Images/Icons/24x24/flag_germany.png" />
       <Language Name="English" CultureSymbol="en" CultureSpecificSymbol="en-us"  FlagImagePath="/SPS/Images/Icons/24x24/flag_usa.png" />
       <!--<Language Name="English" CultureSymbol="en" CultureSpecificSymbol="en-GB"  FlagImagePath="/SPS/Images/Icons/24x24/flag_england.png" />-->
       <Language Name="Kiswahili" CultureSymbol="sw" CultureSpecificSymbol="sw-KE" FlagImagePath="/SPS/Images/Icons/24x24/flag_generic.png" />
       <Language Name="Español" CultureSymbol="es" CultureSpecificSymbol="es-ES" FlagImagePath="/SPS/Images/Icons/24x24/flag_spain.png"/>
       <Language Name="Français" CultureSymbol="fr" CultureSpecificSymbol="fr-FR" FlagImagePath="/SPS/Images/Icons/24x24/flag_france.png"/>
       <Language Name="Nederlands" CultureSymbol="nl" CultureSpecificSymbol="nl-NL" FlagImagePath="/SPS/Images/Icons/24x24/flag_netherlands.png"/>
       <Language Name="Polski" CultureSymbol="pl" CultureSpecificSymbol="pl-pl" FlagImagePath="/SPS/Images/Icons/24x24/flag_poland.png"/>

<Language Name="English" CultureSymbol="en" CultureSpecificSymbol="en-us" FlagImagePath="/SPS/Images/Icons/24x24/flag_usa.png" />

<!--<Language Name="English" CultureSymbol="en" CultureSpecificSymbol="en-GB" FlagImagePath="/SPS/Images/Icons/24x24/flag_england.png" />-->

Please note that IIS reset is required to apply these changes.

Be Advised: It works only if you have just one entry CultureSymbol="en" in that xml file; otherwise portal throws CorLib error!
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