Person Accounts using AD Display Name

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Person Accounts using AD Display Name

Beitrag von ctearney » 24. Jun 2021, 17:08

What process handles the creation of Person accounts when an Active Directory Import is ran? We are needing to adjust the process so that when a Person is created within Service Management via the AD import the First Name can be adjusted to the Display Name shown in AD. The reason for this is that some employees do not use their proper first name. For instance we may have an AD account of First Name: John Last Name: Doe but the Display Name is Peter Doe as the client goes by their middle name of Peter.

If we manually change the first name of the Person account in Service Management it synchronizes back to the AD Account first name. Within the Active Directory Data Import configuration there is a setting for "account naming scheme" which you can select account name or display name but this does not make the adjustment we are looking for.

Anyone else have this need?


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