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Choose Target Field

Beitrag von ctearney » 16. Jan 2019, 23:35

We want to change the restrictions on the "Choose %insertobject% as Target" field so that the field is not mandatory in the event the field cant be filled out.

For example, in the service for Adobe Acrobat we set in the provisioning tab the "target required" field to be a Computer. This allows us to properly assign the software to the appropriate computer based on the users selection and assigned assets. However, if a new user who does not yet have a computer assigned to them requests Adobe Acrobat then they can not submit the order. This makes the user submit a request for a computer first, get that approved, and then resubmit a second request for the software. Not the worst process but it would be nice to allow a user with no assets assigned yet to bypass entering a computer name.

I think I know what I can do to address this (change the field to not be mandatory) but do not know the name of the dialogue that houses this (see attached screenshot for example). Does anyone know the name?
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