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Empirum Connector

Verfasst: 31. Jan 2019, 15:47
von ctearney
Just putting this out here in case someone else is having or has seen this, our Empirum Connector has started throwing the below error when trying to import computer inventories. I have a ticket opened with support so let's see what they say?
Service Store : 9.0.4
Empirum: 18.0.3

Start Import Step: Computer Import
Import failed with exception: SqlDateTime overflow. Must be between 1/1/1753 12:00:00 AM and 12/31/9999 11:59:59 PM.

Re: Empirum Connector

Verfasst: 01. Feb 2019, 14:36
von ctearney
I figured this one out on my own but am not sure why this started occurring since we did not change any settings on the connector. The short of it is that there was a couple of systems within Empirum that had no inventory data. This caused the connector to fail. We had never had this issue before so I changed our connector setting to have the selection "Consider computers without inventory during import" unchecked. Unfortunately this did not do anything either so I just deleted the few systems without inventories from Empirum and reran the connector. After which everything synchronized fine.