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Compliance Rule - Custom

Verfasst: 13. Jul 2020, 23:18
von ctearney
I am trying to write a compliance rule which sends a custom email descriptor whenever a particular Service is being requested. I have used the existing Compliance Rule of "Inform Deciders of New Approvals" as a template but when I add my condition of "Service Equals -SRV0000123 Name of the Service" the rule does not work. I have removed the custom condition and the Custom Compliance Rule executes with no issues using my custom email descriptor.

My question is this, what attribute name should I be using or am I needing to insert the condition in a certain order? The attribute name I am trying to use is "Main Data Definition.Service (Service)" as when selected it provides a list of services to choose from. Instead of using the Value Type of "value" do I have to use the "expression" Value Type to tell it to look for something more specific? That doesn't see right if the "value" can read/display the services in the system.

Thanks, any help would be appreciated.

Re: Compliance Rule - Custom

Verfasst: 15. Jul 2020, 15:49
von ctearney
I tried another approach by referencing the Order Config item (shown below) but this did not work either.

Configuration Item Order Request

Condition Type Object Creation

Service Equals SRV00908 - Offboarding - Consultant

Processing Mode Single Processing [Only Last Change]
Execution Mode Immediately

Re: Compliance Rule - Custom

Verfasst: 22. Jul 2020, 12:44
von Hendrik_Ambrosius
I have no experience with service IDs in CoRus but you could add the email to either the approval or provisioning workflow.

Re: Compliance Rule - Custom

Verfasst: 27. Jul 2020, 17:36
von ctearney
Sorry, meant to post back that I got the answer. The issue is that I could not use orders to reference the service/s being requested, instead I needed to reference the service booking data. So I basically had the same compliance rule that I had previously created but instead of looking to "order request" I started with "service booking".