Integrate customized RemoteControl in Incident-Dialog

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Integrate customized RemoteControl in Incident-Dialog

Beitrag von JoeStoe » 22. Sep 2010, 10:47

Integrate RemoteControl in Incident-Dialog

In Matrix42 Service Store there already is an action 'Establish Remote Control' in context of incidents and computers.
However you may want to add an additional action for a more individual use of Empirum Remotecontrol or integrate any other Remote Control-solution as VNC or others.
Yes? So in this case, follow this post ;-)


In my example I register a new action for the Configuration Item 'Incident'.
The action should launch Empirum Remotecontrol and establish a connection to the asset that is related to this incident,- if any asset is set.
As I want to launch the Empirum Remotecontrol with some individual switches for EmpirumRCMaster as adan:1 [use RC based on AD-securityroups and skip the optional keyphrase], I decided to register my own action ...
Let's start ...
Go for
Administration User Interface Configuration Items Incidents
and open the settings for this Configuration Item.

• Select the tabulator 'Dialog' on the left side.
• Select the first dialog 'General'
• Select 'Edit Form'

Select the tabulator 'Script' and paste this script to the very end as there already are some scripts:

Code: Alles auswählen

// This function integrates Empirum RemoteControl for individual use
function RunRC()
var Wsh = new ActiveXObject("WScript.Shell");
var env=Wsh.Environment("process");
var ProgPath=env("programfiles");
var RCPath = "\\Empirum\\RemoteControlMaster\\EmpirumRCMaster.exe";
var RCOptions = " -adan:1 -wuss:1 -hona:";
var RCHost= document.getElementById(SPSActivityClassIncidentAsset).value;
var RCFullPath = ProgPath + RCPath + RCOptions + RCHost;
if(RCHost != '')
var oExec = Wsh.Exec(RCFullPath);
while (oExec.Status == 0)
return false;
alert('You need to enter the computer you want to connect to in the field <Asset>!');
RegisterClienSideTask("00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000", "Start RemoteControl ...", "RunRC");
After you did this, select action 'Publish Form' to publish the changes.
Now you should see a new action 'Start Remote Control ...' in dialog of incident > have fun ...

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Re: Integrate customized RemoteControl in Incident-Dialog

Beitrag von garrylinn » 19. Nov 2013, 12:41

Hey, thank you so much for the example. Really appreciate your efforts. The code has been really useful for one of my academic projects. How ever, I have made some simple modifications in the code that you have shared here.



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