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NTFS mit großer Anzahl Dateien beschleunigen

Verfasst: 19. Jul 2019, 13:41
von Theo_Gottwald
Mit diesem Quicktip haben wir Gelegenheit mal die 64-bit Registry-Funktion des MPR zu verwenden.
Dabei wird ein Wert in der 64 bit-Registrierung geändert. Damit das passiert steht über dem Skript
die Anweisung "OPT\64". Dies wählt die Ziel-Registry (64 Bit) aus.
NTFS actually will perform fine with many more than 10,000 files in a directory as long as you tell it to stop creating alternative file names compatible with 16 bit Windows platforms.
By default NTFS automatically creates an '8 dot 3' file name for every file that is created.

This becomes a problem when there are many files in a directory because Windows looks at the files in the directory to make sure the name they are creating isn't already in use.

You can disable '8 dot 3' naming by setting the NtfsDisable8dot3NameCreation registry value to 1.

The value is found in the HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\FileSystem registry path.

It is safe to make this change as '8 dot 3' name files are only required by programs written for very old versions of Windows.

A reboot is required before this setting will take effect.

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' Speed NTFS up

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' Reset to normal value (compatible with 8+3 Applications)

Als ".reg" File würde es so aussehen:

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Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00