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MPR-Quick-Tip: "Admin-Mode" Controlpannel in Win7 / Win10

Verfasst: 04. Mai 2018, 10:34
von Theo_Gottwald
Do you remember the times with Windows 2000, and its Control Pannel, when everything was still relatively clear and anyone could easily find a setting in the folder "Control Panel"?

Since Windows Vista and even more so since Windows 10, its that all settings are relatively widely scattered in the system. A few settings are here, a few settings are somewhere else, you have to look first where you find something.

This has probably also been a thought of a MS staff member. And at least for themselves, they implemented a sollution.

The "Real Control Panel Folder" where everything is in one place. So you know immediately where to look for Settings-Changes. Luckily we too can use this "Admin Folder".
All system settings can be found in one place without having to search everywhere.

The folder is created with this MPR script on the desktop. You can also put the folder in another place (Quick Launch?), To do this, you have to change only the special folder in line 2 accordingly.

Code: Alles auswählen

Works fine under Windows 10 and also under Windows 7.