Quicktip: Time measurement in ms with the MPR

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Quicktip: Time measurement in ms with the MPR

Beitrag von Theo_Gottwald » 04. Mai 2018, 10:53

You can use the MPR for other tasks except for automatic installations.
For example for automated test.

Yes, the MPR can start programs, perform operator actions on these programs,
Check the result and validate if, for example, the most important infrastructures are always available.

Within such tasks it makes sense, to measure the time. To see if everything works within the given time frame.
This is where our today's Quicktip starts. In this case, the MPR runs only in a loop from 0 -100
and then shows how many Miliseconds he needed to do so.

If you compile this as EXE it is 31 ms.
Of course, it takes a lot longer in the editor.

Code: Alles auswählen

' +++ zeitmessung.rem +++
' Zweck: 
' erstellt am: 05.11.2017
' von: Theo Gottwald
MBX\$$ERG in ms


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