New features for the Matrix42 Package Robot Part IV

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New features for the Matrix42 Package Robot Part IV

Beitrag von Theo_Gottwald » 11. Aug 2018, 13:39

1.New Icons using the "IconSet" directive
Of course, there were also bug fixes here and there, for example this one with the icons

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'#ICS: (number)
was corrected. So that you can finally take other icons then the default Icon, for your executables.
With this instruction ("IConSet") you can specify one of 68 different predefined icons for the generated exe file.

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For details see the help for '#ICS: (section 'Create EXE Options')

2. So far you have often had a whole number of '#SPI: directives before the script.
Often you have always used the same ones. These have now been included into one new directive

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This instruction combines the most frequently needed entries, so vbrun, X64, ForceWrite and NoAuto are now in one directive.


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