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iOS Enterprise App

Verfasst: 03. Mai 2018, 18:06
von ctearney
We have just started testing the use of in house Enterprise iOS app in Silverback and are having an issue with the installation. The app we are using can be side loaded from the IPA file thru iTunes onto the device without issue but we must go into Settings>General>Device Management to trust the developer (which is us). If I try to install the same app thru Silverback via push or from the App Portal the status changes to Installing but then goes back to "install" after a few seconds with the app not getting installed.

What I am trying to figure out is if the problem is with the plist file or the IPA file? For the PLIST we are using the template provided from the HelpCenter ... prise_apps. We are not using any parts of the original PLIST that was provide with the IPA file from the developers, just an updated version of the template from the link. As for the IPA file, I am assuming that since I can side load it from iTunes the app is good and not the cause. The last piece is the trust notice that one would get with a Enterprise app. However, if you deploy the Enterprise App with an MDM tool (I.e. Silverback) you should not have to worry about trusting the developer as the MDM system already manages this, correct?

Any suggestions would be appreciated.

Re: iOS Enterprise App

Verfasst: 03. Mai 2018, 21:59
von ctearney
One other item on the upload aspect of the Enterprise App. I hooked a test device up to XCode while I was trying to pull the Enterprise App from the App Portal and each time I try the system generates the below error.

mdmd Attempting to perform MDM request: InstallApplication
default 14:45:39.186998 -0500
mdmd BKSApplicationStateMonitor 0x100f723d0 dealloced without invalidate
default 14:45:39.187998 -0500
mdmd -[FMDFMIPManager isManagedLostModeActive]
default 14:45:39.189441 -0500
mdmd Handling request type: InstallApplication
default 14:45:39.215268 -0500
mdmd Client did connect: <CATTaskClient: 0x101263320 { state = Connected, session = 5D95FB91-6D35-4BA6-A288-2388435B9E8E, transport = <CATXPCTransport: 0x101264410 { state = Connected }> }>
default 14:45:40.099378 -0500
mdmd Command Status: Error
Error: NSError:
Desc : Could not validate manifest.
Domain : DeviceManagement.error
Code : 2604