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App Portal for Android

Verfasst: 01. Mär 2019, 23:46
von ctearney
Do Android and Samsung Safe devices also have the ability to have an App Portal shortcut placed on the device like the iOS devices? The iOS devices work as intended and as part of the base system TAG they all receive an App Portal Shortcut but the same setting on the Android and Samsung Safe system TAGs does not give the same result.

The reason I ask is that we are testing the upload of several new Enterprise Android Apps (.APK files) and though I can upload them into the Admin console I can't figure out how to install them. The settings for the app say "Make visible in the app portal" but there is no App Portal on any of the Android devices, only the work profile Play Store for apps is present and the Enterprise Apps do not appear there.

Re: App Portal for Android

Verfasst: 12. Mär 2019, 17:39
von ctearney
Found the answer to my question, the App Portal option was unchecked in one of our other TAGs for Android and was thus removing the feature when that particular TAG was applied.