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Verfasst: 01. Feb 2017, 14:36
von Hendrik_Ambrosius
When running the UUX in an environment where there is no Internet access there are delays because the browser tries to access and
Is that required or can we modify this behaviour?

Re: Access to +

Verfasst: 16. Feb 2017, 20:41
von vladimir.shevchenko
Hi Hendrik, is required by Matrix42 Feedback server
However, in 8.1.4 release, when feedback is disabled in System Settings - such request will be not sent

Vladimir Shevchenko

Re: Access to +

Verfasst: 16. Feb 2017, 21:26
von vadim.zinoviev

Nowadays, it is kind of best practice to use popular resources (js libraries, fints, css), not from local application, but from CDN. As far as the resource is popular and used in a lot of web sites, the probability that this resource already cached on client browser is very high. As a result the loading time for our application can be less.
But is it really the cases the environment without Internet?


Re: Access to +

Verfasst: 17. Feb 2017, 08:37
von Hendrik_Ambrosius
Some of our customers do not provide Internet access to their users or it is very limited.
Especially when we are running POCs the server provided usually does not have Internet access so we will run into issues like that.
Can we download and copy those resources to the client?
What will not work if the UUX cannot access those resources?