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PM Stalls on Certain Updates

Verfasst: 13. Mär 2018, 18:52
von ctearney
After moving to the new PM tool we have noticed that the Go-To-Meeting updates will stall the update process. The issue is that GTM is identified on the system so PM-Fix initiates the update but if GTM is actively running in the system tray (there by default) the update does not continue and the PM Fix window will stay up indefinitely unless you close the system tray icon.

Is this a problem with the PM-Fix component which is not detecting the Go-To-Meeting instance running and thus not giving a notice to the user to close it or is this something where the admin needs to modify a kill script for the PM-Fix component?

Re: PM Stalls on Certain Updates

Verfasst: 13. Mär 2018, 20:20
von Hendrik_Ambrosius
Did you try the ASK_KILL_PROCESSES variable below MX42_PATCHMANAGEMENT?

Re: PM Stalls on Certain Updates

Verfasst: 13. Mär 2018, 23:23
von ctearney
I had updated two areas, the [Processes] & [KillOpenApplications] sections. Unfortunately, nothing. I did notice that in the "fix.inf" there is an entry for "[killopenApplicationsEX] which points to a "KillOpenApplications.inf" file. However if I look in the package folder there is no such file. Is the [KillOpenApplicationsEX] section used and if so where is the file it is referring to?

IExplorer=*iexplore*, Internet Explorer, KILLPROCESS
Firefox=*firefox*, Mozilla Firefox, KILLPROCESS
Chrome=*chrome*, Google Chrome, KILLPROCESS
Java=*java*, Java Runtime, KILLPROCESS
GoToMeeting=*g2m*, GoToMeeting, KILLPROCESS

AskKillProcesses 3600, Java,IExplorer,Firefox,Chrome, GoToMeeting
CallHidden TaskKill.exe /F /IM javaw.exe /IM jqs.exe /IM jusched.exe /IM jp2launcher.exe /IM iexplore.exe /IM g2mstart.exe /IM g2mcomm.exe /IM g2mlauncher.exe

CallHidden "%EmpirumLocalCache%\..\User\Setup.exe" "%Src%\Install\KillOpenApplications.inf" /S0