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Win10 1803 "Service Pack"

Verfasst: 21. Mai 2018, 19:29
von ctearney
We are getting ready to test the new 1803 update for Windows 10 and have our new image build created but are trying to stage the PM update as we'll need to use it to update existing clients. Unfortunatly the update appears in the PM list as available but it can not be downloaded. Is this because it is still being processed by Ivanti for distribution? I know it took a few weeks before with the other updates to get the update ready due to its size and complexity.

Re: Win10 1803 "Service Pack"

Verfasst: 29. Mai 2018, 17:40
von ctearney
So how does one get the 1803 update for Empirum? With the new PM Client this should be capable of installing thru the PM Client correct? It appeared in our PM list for missing updates several weeks ago but the download type is set to manual and when you try to right click to download the option is greyed out. Is the "download failed" error under status being shown because the patch is not available yet or could this be a problem with just our system?

Re: Win10 1803 "Service Pack"

Verfasst: 31. Mai 2018, 10:56
von Hendrik_Ambrosius
A package template for deploying the service pack separately (not through the patch package) should be available if you use the package manager from the Matrix42 Marketplace.
It´s free.

Re: Win10 1803 "Service Pack"

Verfasst: 31. Mai 2018, 17:48
von ctearney
Thanks for the reply. Unless I am missing something there is not a "feature upgrade" package for 1803 in the Marketplace though I see 1709 there and in Package Cloud. Also, with the new Patch Management client the feature upgrades were said to be made available via the standard PM process. I can confirm this with the 1709 Feature Upgrade as it is currently appearing in the PM Catalog list alongside the 1803 update. See attached screenshot

From the Empirum V17 Update 2 Release notes.
Matrix42 delivers with this update the final new version of Patch Management.

Installing the released Predecessor Service Pack if the latest service pack is still in the test phase and therefore not released for all computers (important for computers that are newly installed)
Empirum v17.0 Update 2 New Features and Changes
Author: Matrix42 04/12/17 - 4 -
Patches/service packs can be ignored individually, thus completely hidden
Installing the service pack before installing patches
Windows 10 Feature Pack Installation
Office 365 (Click-to-Run) Support
Filtering according to certain criteria, such as BulletinID, Install Date, Scan Status, etc.
Alarms can be sent by email if certain events occur