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IBM DB2 Administration Client 8.1.7

Verfasst: 29. Mai 2009, 08:34
von Hendrik_Ambrosius
First I tried to install the MSI provided by IBM via "MSIEXEC /I".
But after the reboot and login a dbinstance-error showed up:
DB29501E DB2 has detected an inconsistent environment. Please investigate the following: "DB2 INSTANCE : -2029059916"

So I switched to unattended mode for the installation:

I used the setup.exe stored in the root directory of the installation CD.

commandline: setup.exe /u samples\db2admcl.rsp /l c:\log.txt

I also changed this line in the db2admcl.rsp file:

In Empirum the installation section including errorlevel-check looks like this:

del "%temp%\db2log.txt"
call setup.exe /u samples\db2admcl.rsp /l "%temp%\db2log.txt"
IF "%ErrorLevel%" <> "0" Then "AbortMSIInst" EndIf