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Dell HSDPA driver integration

Verfasst: 16. Sep 2011, 09:57
von Teijin
Hello there,

First of all you can answer in the german language if you please.

We have a lot of Dell laptops with HSDPA wireless cards in it.
The problem is that we cannot install them automatically with Empirum even though we followed the manual "Driver Integration with Empirum".

One of the cards is the 5530 HSDPA from Dell.

I've read on this forum that some cards cannot be installed automatically using the OS install method.
There are packages that can be distributed through software management.
If so this is a problem because we only have a license for the OS installer.

Please advise, thanks!

Re: Dell HSDPA driver integration

Verfasst: 16. Sep 2011, 11:25
von thahn

you can try the Installation of the package as a EmpirumJob.... take a look in the " Driver Integration Howto .PDF"

its a very helpfull document....


Re: Dell HSDPA driver integration

Verfasst: 16. Sep 2011, 13:20
von Teijin

Thanks for the reply.
That's the manual I've used to try and get it to work.

The driver can be installed silently ofcourse but when I run it I notice in the temp directory that multiple setups are unpacked.
dotnet stuff, driver itself and so one.
I can imagine that it cannot be installed so early in the os installer installation process,

Anyway it does not work and there is no driver available in the driver repository of empirum, it seems it's not the holy grail as it was sold to us.

There are multiple dell laptops on which we only can install the hsdpa drivers manually.
Thanks anyway and if you have a suggestion please let me know