PXE-E51 only on USB dongle

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PXE-E51 only on USB dongle

Beitrag von seth.jones » 30. Jul 2013, 18:03

Hello Everyone,
I am working on getting the Lenovo X1 Carbon in our environment, and I am having issues getting the pxe to pick it up. The only difference with the x1 is that i must use a USB NIC. I am getting PXE-E51 errors when it tries to boot from the NIC. I have the bios booting from legacy mode. When booting in UEFI mode I do get an ip address from the server to confirm that dhcp is working.

Additional Notes:
No other machine has had this issue
I have tried all of the usb ports just to be sure
DHCP/PXE options are in the dhcp server

I am convinced its an issue with the pxe server. Does anyone have any experience with this? Or suggestions?

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Re: PXE-E51 only on USB dongle

Beitrag von StephanSch » 31. Jul 2013, 09:09


if no other client has this issue I don't think it is an issue of the pxe.
Do you use the Lenovo USB-Dongle?
Do you see a valid MAC-Adress on startup? With the Lenovo-Dongle I have a "00" in front of every octet which is ok.
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