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Re: DiskPartitioning Failure

Verfasst: 20. Feb 2019, 07:58
von Lumi
Hello together,

i have the very same problem with an os install on a DELL Latitude 5591.

DiskPartitioning-Package runs twice. In WinPE-Environment (as it should be) and again, after several reboots, within the installed Win 10.


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2019-02-19 15:52:02.363 [Information] [PowerShellExecutor.ExecutePowerShellScript] Using arguments: -NonInteractive -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -WindowStyle Hidden -File "\\servername\Configurator$\Packages\Matrix42\OsPackages\DiskPartitioning\3.8\install\install.ps1"
2019-02-19 15:52:02.363 [Information] [PowerShellExecutor.ExecutePowerShellScript] Starting PowerShell process.
2019-02-19 15:52:02.378 [Information] [PowerShellExecutor.ExecutePowerShellScript] Waiting 3600 seconds for exiting process.
2019-02-19 15:52:04.643 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] Start partitioning…
2019-02-19 15:52:41.843 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] PartitionNumber DriveLetter Offset         Size Type    
2019-02-19 15:52:41.843 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] --------------- ----------- ------         ---- ----    
2019-02-19 15:52:41.843 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] 1               T           1048576      300 MB Recovery
2019-02-19 15:52:41.843 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] 2                           315621376    100 MB System  
2019-02-19 15:52:41.843 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] 3                           420478976    128 MB Reserved
2019-02-19 15:52:41.843 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] 4               C           554696704 476.42 GB Basic   
2019-02-19 15:52:41.843 [Information] [PeAgentService.SendPxeLogMessage] SendPxeLogMessage called with log message: Hard disk formating/partitioning successful.

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2019-02-19 16:10:03.307 [Information] [PowerShellExecutor.ExecutePowerShellScript] Using arguments: -NonInteractive -NoProfile -ExecutionPolicy ByPass -WindowStyle Hidden -File "\\sd-01\Configurator$\Packages\Matrix42\OsPackages\DiskPartitioning\3.8\install\install.ps1"
2019-02-19 16:10:03.307 [Information] [PowerShellExecutor.ExecutePowerShellScript] Starting PowerShell process.
2019-02-19 16:10:03.334 [Information] [PowerShellExecutor.ExecutePowerShellScript] Waiting 3600 seconds for exiting process.
2019-02-19 16:10:04.882 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] Start partitioning...
2019-02-19 16:10:08.337 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] PartitionNumber  DriveLetter Offset                                        Size Type                                   
2019-02-19 16:10:08.337 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] ---------------  ----------- ------                                        ---- ----                                   
2019-02-19 16:10:08.350 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] 1                            1048576                                     300 MB Recovery                               
2019-02-19 16:10:08.350 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] 2                            315621376                                   100 MB System                                 
2019-02-19 16:10:08.350 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] 3                            420478976                                   128 MB Reserved                               
2019-02-19 16:10:08.351 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] 4                C           554696704                                476.42 GB Basic                                  
2019-02-19 16:10:08.351 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] 
2019-02-19 16:10:08.351 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] 
[b]2019-02-19 16:10:08.362 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] Start to remove drive letter assignments.
2019-02-19 16:10:08.392 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] Removing drive letter C from disk 0 and partition 4
2019-02-19 16:10:08.588 [Error] [Process.ErrorReadNotifyUser] Remove-PartitionAccessPath : Cannot remove the drive letter of a boot or paging file partition.
2019-02-19 16:10:08.666 [Information] [Process.OutputReadNotifyUser] Clearing disk 0 ...
2019-02-19 16:10:08.724 [Error] [Process.ErrorReadNotifyUser] Activity ID: {da22eb72-9bed-4c78-9b54-4c052713fd48}
2019-02-19 16:10:08.724 [Error] [Process.ErrorReadNotifyUser] In \\servername\Configurator$\Packages\Matrix42\OsPackages\DiskPartitioning\3.8\install\install.ps1:374 Zeichen:9
2019-02-19 16:10:08.724 [Error] [Process.ErrorReadNotifyUser] +         Remove-PartitionAccessPath -DiskNumber $partition.DiskNumber  ...
2019-02-19 16:10:08.724 [Error] [Process.ErrorReadNotifyUser] +         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
2019-02-19 16:10:08.724 [Error] [Process.ErrorReadNotifyUser]     + CategoryInfo          : InvalidOperation: (StorageWMI:ROOT/Microsoft/.../MSFT_Partition) [Remove-PartitionAccess 
2019-02-19 16:10:08.724 [Error] [Process.ErrorReadNotifyUser]    Path], CimException
2019-02-19 16:10:08.724 [Error] [Process.ErrorReadNotifyUser]     + FullyQualifiedErrorId : StorageWMI 42006,Remove-PartitionAccessPath
2019-02-19 16:10:08.724 [Error] [Process.ErrorReadNotifyUser]  
2019-02-19 16:10:08.816 [Information] [PeAgentService.SendPxeLogMessage] SendPxeLogMessage called with log message: Operation not supported on a critical disk.
Activity ID: {28aa53c3-f767-4902-b5a6-1706944f7fcc}[/b]

Re: DiskPartitioning Failure

Verfasst: 20. Feb 2019, 14:30
von ctearney
I am sorry to hear you are also having the problem but I glad that I am not the only one. I have opened a ticket with support on this and will post back here what I find out.

**as a side note, I can use the EPE image process without issue on the same systems so as a work around that is what we are doing. There is also a new WinPE version available in the MarketPlace (1.4.14) which I am going to try as it introduces new PreOS packages for WIndowsInstallation and DiskPartitioning.

Re: DiskPartitioning Failure

Verfasst: 21. Feb 2019, 15:19
von ctearney
So I loaded WinPE 1.4.14 but it did not fix the problem. It did however, change the error message in the log so we are not getting a bad call argument: Exception calling "Put" with "0" argument(s): "Not supported ".

21.02.2019 07:57:06 [PEAgent] [Windows] Exception calling "Put" with "0" argument(s): "Not supported "

Also worth noting, any system having this issue with the PreOS partition package can be imaged with EPE and then reimaged with WinPE successfully. I can only assume that this works because the EPE process is clearing the local drive in a manner the WinPE PreOS package likes because I have tried using DiskPart, Partition Tools (I.e. minitool), and brand new drives that have never been used before.

Re: DiskPartitioning Failure

Verfasst: 21. Feb 2019, 17:03
von Rumpelstilzchen
Basically there is the problem, that your packages are executed again at Windows 10 time.

Don't hold back on the error message. DiskPartitioning is not designed to run under Windows 10. It is naturally that there are those errors, which you have described here.

The problem is that the status of the executed DiskPartitioning, which has been executed at WinPE time is not transmitted to the Windows 10 run time. And that is not controlled by the package it self but by PEAgent and Empirum.

I hope that support can look at your system and figure out, what exactly is going wrong.
Please share the information as soon as you've progress.
It would help us all, if we run in such an issue. Thank you.


Please check the file time stamp of the DDC for you client and the the time stamp in the status XML before loading to Windows 10. Are they the same? (since Empirum 18.0.3 -> check the time stamp INSIDE the DDC and the content of the status XML). And make sure that the status XML is available and is not removed by any Sync job.

That is exactly the point where I assume the issue.

Re: DiskPartitioning Failure

Verfasst: 21. Feb 2019, 17:18
von Rumpelstilzchen
Hey @ctearney,

From your log file (WinPE time), which you've provided me privately, I can see definitely that the configuration has been changed/activated again: It might have happend every 20 minutes or manually...
Here below are two entries from your log - it is one run where we see that the DDC time stamp has been altered.

Additionally we can see that there might be some time zone issue as the time of DDC is far away diffrent than the XML time stamp. The empirum server, which is writing the DDC has another time than the CLIENT, which is writing the status XML.
That issue can definitely be handled by Empirum 18.0.3 as that is handled differently and independent from client's time.
But anyway. your client and your server have diffrent times....

15:59:13.005 [Information] [PeAgent.CheckTimeStamp] Using timestamps: DDC = 20190218-03:40:37.73; Xml = 20190218-12:49:36.36
15:59:13.005 [Information] [PeAgent.CheckTimeStamp] Timestamp of DDC file and Xml differs. Client seams to be activated again. Ignoring status file.

16:07:43.372 [Information] [PeAgent.CheckTimeStamp] Using timestamps: DDC = 20190218-04:00:12.41; Xml = 20190218-12:49:36.36
16:07:43.372 [Information] [PeAgent.CheckTimeStamp] Timestamp of DDC file and Xml differs. Client seams to be activated again. Ignoring status file

Look at these entries, where the clients local time is adjusted by PEAgent while WinPE time

15:59:11.685 [Information] [PeAgent.CopyFilesFromServer] Finished copying files from the Empirum Server.
17:59:11.733 [Information] [PeAgent.SynchronizeSystemTime] Successfull set windows time zone 'Central Standard Time'

Your client's zone is moved from 15 o'clock to 17 o'clock.
You can control that setting by a variable "OS_RegionalSettings.TimeZone" in Empirum

Find what you need there! And set the time which will correspond your server! :D

Re: DiskPartitioning Failure

Verfasst: 21. Feb 2019, 23:27
von ctearney
If I do not shutdown the system when it fails the imaging process it will loop (i.e. reboot the system, initiate the WinPE Disk Partition package, fail, reboot the system, initiate the WinPE Disk partition, etc.... etc... etc...), this is believe is what you are seeing as the variance in timestamps as I watched a system go thru the process and the times lined up correctly.

Your comment about the XML file got me thinking and I looked at the UUID folder, when the system fails the imaging process the UUID folder for the device is getting deleted/created/deleted/created which may explain the failure. Unless the image process succeeds the UUID folder with associated XML file and logs does not exist.

Also note that a successful image using EPE first corrects the problem. I initially thought it had something to do with the hard drive formatting but its obviously something with how Empirum is tracking the system. If I deactivate and remove the same system from Empirum and attempt to start the process again it will fail again until I image it with EPE again.

I am hoping to get connected to support tomorrow with a remote session to show them what I see.

Re: DiskPartitioning Failure

Verfasst: 25. Feb 2019, 21:15
von ctearney
Ok, I think I may have this under control.

On Friday imaged 8 systems without issue. Prior to doing that though I completed the following:

- downloaded and installed the latest WinPE 1.4.14 package
- Removed all PreOS packages from Image Configuration Group
- Added new PreOS packages to Image Configuration Group and verified all variable settings.
- activated configuration group to set the variables.

Today I wanted to image another device (Lenovo x240) before posting this to confirm all was working as intended. The first attempt failed. I shutdown the system as soon as I saw the PXEAgent failure message in the logs following the Windows Installation successful completion. I then powered the system back up, booted from PXE and initiated the WinPE image process again. This second time it went thru successfully.

In addition to making the above changes I extended the amount of time from when I activated the system in the console to the time I waited to initiate the WInPE image process (2-3 minutes to 5-10 minutes). I still think there is an issue somewhere but as of writing this it is very intermittent.

Re: DiskPartitioning Failure

Verfasst: 26. Feb 2019, 09:55
von Rumpelstilzchen
By the way, don't forget to RE-create the Boot Configurations when updating to new WinPE Support version. Have you had contact with Matrix Support?

Re: DiskPartitioning Failure

Verfasst: 27. Feb 2019, 14:46
von ctearney
Yep, it was done :wink: . As for Matrix Support, I heard from them once last week on collecting some files / scheduling a remote session but nothing since. I am going to leave the ticket open with them to see if additional details can be collected and will definitely post the information back here if any is available.

Re: DiskPartitioning Failure

Verfasst: 28. Feb 2019, 18:43
von ctearney
ok, so we figured out that this is a bug in the synchronization scripts that run (Subdepot-OS spefically)..

What occurs is that the computer is activated in EMC and the appropriate DDC and OS.ini files are created on the primary server and then synchronized over to the depot. The computer that was activated can then be booted via PXE to pick up the WinPE boot image. Once this occurs the process initiates as expected with the disk partitioning, driver integration, and windows installation Pre-OS packages beginning and completing successfully.

At some point during the Windows-Installation PreOS package process the SubDepot-OS synchronization initiates and in doing so removes the UUID folder on the depot server for the activated/imaged machine object. When this happens it causes the PEAgent to error out and thus causes the issue that I have been seeing. Under the WinPE 1.4.13 version the system would reboot and start up windows and then try to restart the process of imaging which is why i was seeing the Disk Partioning Pre-OS package try to run again under Windows. Under the WinPE 1.4.14 version the PE Agent errors out and just loops the image process.

As a work around, support directed us to select the "Create Operating System configuration (OS.ini)" option when activating a system for imaging along with the "Activate PXE (reinstall computer)" option as this creates the OS.ini on the primary server and keeps the SubDepot-OS synchromization from deleting the UUID folder on the depot.

Re: DiskPartitioning Failure

Verfasst: 01. Mär 2019, 15:40
von Rumpelstilzchen
Thank you for sharing ctearney,

That is how the status XML get removed.

Could you mention the version of your Empirum installation, please?

If you check the Release & Update Notes of Updates 2 for Empirum v18.0, you can see that there have been potentially fixes for that kind of issues.

Re: DiskPartitioning Failure

Verfasst: 01. Mär 2019, 18:34
von ctearney
We are using version w/ latest hotfix and WinPE 1.4.14 so we are current.

Re: DiskPartitioning Failure

Verfasst: 03. Jul 2019, 14:10
von pzaenker
my solution:

Sync-Template "ESubdeot_OS" and add a folder exception: %SYNC_SRC%\WinPeStatus\