Personal Backup - Standalone

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Personal Backup - Standalone

Beitrag von mlillywh » 12. Jul 2013, 18:01

So I wanted to use Personal Backup for unmanaged use

The trick is to start the Personal Backup exe pointing at a custom PBU file, rather than the default one

C:\Windows\System32\Empirum\PBackup.exe "C:\Program Files\Personal Backup\Install\DDrive.pbu"

Where DDrive.pbu is a standard pbu file modified via a NON-notepad editor to backup to my D Drive (which happens to be a USB drive attached to my machine when I am in the office)

The final step is to use syncdocs ( to backup the desination D:\PersonalBackup to my Googledocs account, and viola - quick, regular, personal backup both off PC and off site, for about $20 per year
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