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FEDEX Installation by Matrix 42

Verfasst: 04. Jan 2019, 08:59
von Ahmed
Could You please tell me how can i treat FEDEX Installation. It is possible to run password inside Setup.ini file. if it is possible and how'?

Best regards

Re: FEDEX Installation by Matrix 42

Verfasst: 16. Jan 2019, 15:42
von MaMa82
Hello Ahmed!

I do not know the FEDEX application. So I am not sure where to enter or store the necessary password.
Could you clearify your words "password inside setup.ini"? Which setup.ini?

Regardless of what I said above - it is possible to use passwords during the package installation. Even it is possible to encrypt the password string (as a variable in the [Encryption] section). Please refer to the packaging editor manual/offline help. The encryption is manually done by the Empirum Addon tool "EmpCrypt(er)". (You have to manually use the empcrypt.exe in a CMD to encrypt the string. The encrypted string is stored in the system's clipboard.)

Depending on how the password is used - it is possible to use it as a parameter, alter the content of specific config (ini/xml/txt) files or even to store it in the registry.
Technically not working is the interactive usage (entering it in a prompt).