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Simple Registry Package Install Error

Verfasst: 23. Mär 2005, 17:45
von skdb

I am attempting to create a simple setup.inf to create (On Installation) a new Key for the Energy Options in WinXP+SP1 (English) and to turn off the Default Screensaver.

Every time the Package is attempted to install, an error accurs: (Listed Below)

By a De-Install, the Error does not accur.

In the Software Depot of the Client, after the error has been accepted, shows that the Package is now installed!? But no Keys / Changes have been made.!!
Software Depot
Das Installationsprogramm wurde vorzeitig abgebrochen.

"C:\Program Files\Common Files\Setup32\Setup.exe" "\Install\Setup.inf" /S2 /X8
Empirum 2005 RC2
WindowsXP + SP1

Any Ideas???

It would be nice if you could activate the Attachments here, then Screenies can be used, or Setup.inf's could be posted!!

Verfasst: 23. Mär 2005, 18:06
von jbeimel
Check the SetupErrorLog here should be logged the reason why the setup was interrupted.
In generally, it's always a good idea to remove the /Sx (silent parameter) from the package properties and the Swdepot.exe should executed without /F when you test and debug your packages. Then you will get the error message itself at the client.