PXE and DHCP on same server

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PXE and DHCP on same server

Beitrag von Blue407 » 21. Jun 2011, 16:19

Hi Guys

We have just been given Empirum by our Austrian Head Office, they have installed and configured the server.
This server already has a DHCP server running on it for our network.

PXE boot from a client is not working, not getting an os.ini file.

I think it may be a problem with DHCP/PXE being on same server.

Any suggestions on fixing this?

Any help, advice, suggestions gratefully appreciated!!

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Re: PXE and DHCP on same server

Beitrag von Hendrik_Ambrosius » 21. Jun 2011, 21:49

If you get a missing OS.INI error message you are already beyond the PXE-boot.
Check the directory empirum\empinst\wizard\os\auto on your depot server:
Is there a directory for the PC you want to install containing an OS.INI file (directory name = last 8 digits of the MAC address)?
If not the client has not been activated properly in the Empirum Management Console (activate / os installation os.ini) or the sync of the OS.INI files from the master server does not work => contact your head office.
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