Import Definition - Query Definition for MACAddress?

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Import Definition - Query Definition for MACAddress?

Beitrag von ricardoduarte » 11. Jul 2017, 17:02

Hi there,

I'm trying to import Logon events to my computers.
My input file has a MACAddress, username and logon date.
I'm already able to import the logon events to a computer by matching SPSComputerClassBase.PrimaryMACAddress to the MACAddress I provide on my input file.

Unfortunately I cannot guarantee that the PrimaryMACAddress is the one shown on my being reported on the input file. I know the MACAddress is one of the network cards of the computer, but can't be sure it is the one being reported as primary.
So, I would prefer to get the SPSComputerClassBase that has an SPSComputerClassNetworkCard with MACAddress = to the MACAddress at the file.
Any help on how to create the matching query?



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